About U.S. Digital Response

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort that helps governments and organizations respond quickly and efficiently to support the critical needs of the public.

Leveraging a network of pro-bono technical expertise and modern, resilient technology, USDR addresses and uncovers solutions for common, systemic challenges that public servants are facing, leaving them better equipped to deliver services and support to millions of people nationwide.

We operate with humility and deep respect for our partners and believe that modern and resilient technology applied in the public interest can deliver people-centered services at the speed of need.

During our first year, USDR built deep partnerships with over 180 government and nonprofit partners, strong expertise across more than 250 projects, tools that delivered real-world impact to 13 million people, and repeatable processes to solve some of the most pressing challenges of this pandemic year.

Now, new resources are being brought to bear, and this work has never been more important. For example, a recent survey of local governments showed that 50% of their existing COVID-19 relief funds went towards IT infrastructure illustrating how modernizing tech goes hand in hand with serving people, and the critical government services funded through trillions of dollars in the American Rescue Plan Act will only succeed if we get the implementation right.

We are looking for team members that will join the early conversations about what our organization can look like in our second year and beyond and who will be a part of building an organization that makes government work, today and for the future.

Learn more about our last year in our U.S. Digital Response 2020 Highlights or by reading our recent press coverage.

Position Overview

At USDR, we are working towards a world where governments, public servants, and people providing public services have the digital capacity to deliver services effectively, efficiently, and equitably.

Without this, we will hit every new crisis unable to meet basic needs, and we will rapidly lose trust in our public institutions. USDR exists to accelerate the transition to the world of “good government digital capacity” at an ecosystem level, and we do this by:

Identifying and resourcing malleable (high impact/tipping point) moments to intervene and then…

  • Providing effective, rapid response
  • Enabling govs to build long term digital infrastructure and capacity
  • Encouraging + inciting shared solutions
  • Connecting resources + people + teams to each other in specific program verticals

Our best-case scenario: we do enough good in the next 5 years that the ecosystem carries on this work without us, and we get to set a new horizon.

We are hiring a Director of Public Digital* to join our Executive Team and lead our decision making around: which moments are the right ones to drive ecosystem impact at scale, and how we can best build on top of our existing programs (Rapid/Crisis Response, Economic Stability, Health, Elections, a nascent Digital Services area) so that each of USDR’s individual engagements leaves our government or nonprofit partner with meaningfully more capacity than when we entered.

The exact day-to-day of this role will depend on the strengths of who is in the seat. They will definitely:

  • Lean on all of their professional knowledge, communities, armchair interests, curiosities, and learnings to date to figure out how we can create tipping points for public digital at scale across the United States, and not just in our most advanced states and municipalities
  • Meet and design shared programs with senior partners in the public sector
  • Co-lead, with other members of USDR’s Executive Team, strategy and negotiations for partnerships to financially sustain USDR’s work in spaces where we choose to outgrow a rapid response model
  • Be in close touch with entities across the public interest technology ecosystem
  • Meet directly with each of the Program Leads to advise on strategy and scope
  • Manage and partner with USDR’s Governments Team Lead

Because this role will be tailored to the strengths of the candidates, Director of Public Digital is a working title, and we will work together to finalize scope. This role is highly senior, and qualified applicants should have at least a decade of experience working to build capacity in the public sector. We believe the strongest teams are made up of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and we are looking for members who will bring new perspectives, life experiences, and beliefs in what makes for a thriving organizational culture to our leadership team.

There is a tremendous amount of work to do, and a tremendous amount of creativity in how we do it. We believe the right person in this seat could shape USDR’s work throughout our lifecycle. We’re ready to start with initial conversations on a rolling basis.

What you'll get

  • A competitive salary, consistent with similar roles in other tech non-profits in the Bay Area where USDR is headquartered.
  • Full health, dental and vision benefits.
  • A budget for team-level learning and development
  • A supportive community where everyone can thrive and find a balance between working hard to make a difference and taking care of themselves in a difficult time. This means that we are committed to a fully remote work environment (for US-based employees) along with flexible schedules and time off policies that work with your life.

Application Process

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and this process will continue until the position is filled. All applicants will hear back from us before the end of the process, and top applicants will be invited to meet with various members of our Executive Team and Team Leads.

Equal Employment Opportunity

U.S. Digital Response is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer fully dedicated to achieving a diverse staff. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation), disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

We encourage and welcome all interested potential applicants, regardless of background or prior experience volunteering with U.S. Digital Response, to apply.